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Top Tips and Design Ideas for Creating a University Website!

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Top Tips and Design Ideas for Creating a University Website!

Education is a global industry. Students from remotest corners of the world are taking admissions in prestigious colleges and universities, and it goes without saying that every university/college, regardless of the courses they offer, should have a website. Before you start a website, it is absolutely important to think of a comprehensive design, because university and college portals are accessed by millions of youngsters. In this post, we are sharing a few amazing tips for designing the perfect university website.

  1. Focus on the structure

When someone opens a university website on their browser, they should be able to access the important links and sections, without getting confused. That’s the essence of good design. Ease of navigation is one aspect that must be considered, and therefore, the website’s structure must be planned before the actual design begins.

  1. Make the most of visuals

Educational institutions often need to offer a lot of information through their websites, and if all of it is just text, it would look boring in no time. Make sure that the university website has enough visual content, in form of images, infographics, background videos and more. The idea is to make the website as easy to the eyes as possible.

  1. Ensure the website is ‘mobile ready’

A good university website should be accessible and appealing on all screens. More than 40% of all internet searches are initiated on mobile devices, and you want the website to look similar and navigable on every screen. Responsive websites must be tested time and again before launch to avoid all kinds of design flaws.

  1. Consider additional languages

If the university is going to accept students from other countries, it is absolutely necessary to consider two or three languages, depending on the regions of interest. Most university websites typically have two language options, and the design and theme should feel the same for both.

  1. Think of other requirements

Does the university want to offer login options for students? Will there be online resources that students can access? What are the other features or options that the university intends to offer in years to come? A professional website for any educational institution should be agile and flexible. It has to accommodate the future needs and must be designed in a way that the branding aspects remain consistent.

Check a few university websites to know more on how to get the design right.