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Preparing for Clearing: Reviewing University Profiles

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Attending university can be exciting as well as stressful. However, you can go online today and review clearing in one of various ways. For example, it is always a good idea to review the clearing profiles of universities. This type of guide to clearing can give you a better idea of how to communicate with a university.

Make Sure That You Know What You Are Doing

You should also seek clearing advice to make sure that you are going through the process correctly. Don’t miss the clearing dates of note either. Write them down or record them electronically to stay cognisant of changes and timeline requirements.

Review the Information

You should also review information for uni clearing 2019 courses. By going online, you can obtain insider details about securing a course. Courses are listed individually so you can learn how to make sure that you are not overlooked for a specific programme.

Get the Details Online

Much of the information online can give you knowledge about going through the clearing process so you know what to expect. Clearing in the UK generally begins 15 August and closes in late October. Spots for students fill quickly. Therefore, it is best to use the phone as a contact if you want to secure a university place.

Check the UCAS Website

If you are applying to university, you no doubt are already familiar with the UCAS website. You can go to the site to check whether or not you have a place. Anyone on this platform who does not have a place can go ahead and find out what he or she needs to do to secure a place. Navigational tools are featured to make this part of the process easy.

For example, look at the track page screen and press the “add clearing choice” button. This button is used once you have received an offer from a university by phone. To be considered a clearing candidate, a student must meet one of four criteria. These criteria include the following:

  • The student must apply after 30th
  • The student did not receive any offers.
  • The student did not meet his or her required grades.
  • The student has not applied yet to university and must use UCAS before being considered eligible.

Stay Organised

The best way to make yourself successful for clearing is to be organised. This means that you should gather all the needed information before you begin phoning universities. That way, you can use the information and stay better focused on your objectives. Note anything that you may want to ask or say. Always be polite and follow up with a brief email with the needed details. By following this type of practice, you will realise success and find a course that has a vacancy to fill.